Jeffs Email = prof.jeffrey.rust at gmail dot com

1.Map Shanghai
make account,download,install,open and use screenshot(1)

Mozilla wants to put data back in your hands, currently only a few big
names have location data, but openstreet maps could use the boost..
if you have an android phone and a little power.. join in, and map

2. Translation Project

Currently seeking help finding out where to go in Shanghai to open a USA(1),UK(1),Canada bank account(1)
name, address, requirements

How to change money to Bitcoin(1) and how to change Bitcoin to money in Shanghai(1)

Looking for places to buy 250-1000 Shanghai Post Cards Cheap(1)
name, address, price

Looking for a place to publish books (on demand printing) in China (maybe 1 at a time)(1)
softcover or hardcover both ok.


3. Car Project(2)
Join the Team
Lets build this car at SDJU !!!

4. Making an Android APP for English Pronunciation --------Currently in Process (1-5)
Download the android and or iphone install file.

ask question (1) only 1 per student must print paper
answer question about china (thoughtfully) (2) only 1 per student must print paper

6.Show me a comprehensive summary of your english ability in 30-60 seconds.
post it to my qq zone 1261660352
(fill in zeros with 1 of 2)

7. Check and Categorize the Spring 2013 Semester Videos and Scores(1-25)

Need volunteers to watch videos of last terms class assignments
Need volunteers to rate what they liked best and why
Determine the best teaching methods, best scoring methods and most interesting methods used
Post the Best of the Best examples online
Use these to improve future classes

Java JDK 6
Android SDK
App Inventor (by MIT)
Drupal - Online platform to create websites, apps and other code
Online Programmers Forum