Final Score Breakdown
20% Presentation(ppt) (Business Mans Point of View-complex-what/why/when/where/how.......)

10% Speaking

10% ( Value to every stakeholder)

Class Interest Level
Usefulness to Foreigners
Value to Group
Value to Prospective Business Owner (aka Jeff)

10% Online Appearance (Marketing from Customers' Point of View(basic-what?)
easily searchable format(wiki/blog suggested) personal website not required
not password protected (aka public)
linked to social media sites
(social media definition )
emailed link to foreign friends
Add your groups contact information to allow for feedback from interested people
(qq,phone,email, as you like)
Can foreigners view it abroad ?

10% Interaction with foreigners(Market research and Topic Development)
shared topic
Questions to/from foreigners
Answers to/from foreigners
Supporting Research and documents are welcomed
Overall Improvement of Topic

Time limit by total groups in class
4groups = 13-15 minutes
5 groups = 10-12 minutes
6 groups = 8-10 minutes
7 groups= 7-9 minutes
8 groups= 6-8 minutes
9 groups= 5-7 minutes
10 groups = 4-6 minutes


You can easily correct spelling mistakes by pressing F7 when you are viewing the PPT or other documents.
Time management is key !
Ask 1 group member to keep you within your time limits.

General Questions :

Q.Are questions allowed during the presentations ?
A. It depends on whether or not the group would like to allow them. They should tell everyone before they begin if it is okay or not.

Possible online platforms:

Forum to repost link


Video only